The Boys of Raven Cove

J. Ashburn’s series about male witches. Features M/M romance and erotica.

ThatOldBlackMagic UnderHisSpell RavenAscending


Book 1: That Old Black Magic

Male witches, magic, lust, love and betrayal…just another day in Raven Cove.

Julian, the leader of the Blue Light coven, adores his boyfriend Chris and loves training him the ways of magic and the circle that binds them and all of their friends.
Chris wants nothing more than to be a good student, help others and ascend to high priest like his partner, he just hasn’t discovered what is gift power is yet. Why has it eluded him and not the others?

All seemed right in Raven Cove until a dark secret from Julian’s past makes its way back into town, disrupting the coven and exposing hidden desires, buried lies and weakening the bond of the coven and all of its members.

The lovers will soon find themselves in a struggle with powers beyond their control and a dark energy that hungers for lust, power and the one thing that Julian will protect with his very life.

The sleepy town of Raven Cove is about to wake up.

Book 2: Under His Spell

Chris is gone and Julian picks up the pieces in the sequel to That Old Black Magic. The lovers have gone on separate journeys in this new tale of magic, men, secrets and seduction!

Julian heals the bond between he and his coven, making amends for his past mistakes, as the bond between him and Noah grows.

Chris is groomed by the enigmatic Sage, growing more powerful every day in the embrace of a dark new coven.

Yet, not all is what it seems as the boys of Julian’s coven question his feelings for Noah and what exactly happened on the beach during the final battle with Sage.

And Sage’s end game is finally revealed as he keeps the eager Chris fully Under His Spell.

Book 3: Raven Ascending

The final chapter in the Boys of Raven Cove Series!
Sage, the dark witch, has finally found the Book of the First Witch and there will be Hell to pay. His reign of terror is about to begin and there is nothing to stand in his way… or is there?

Meanwhile Julian and the boys prepare for the worst, with Mia’s help they set up defenses to protect each other and all of Raven Cove.
Not everything is as it seems, however, in this tale of magic, suspense, love and life. Can anything stop Sage and his dark coven? Will Julian and Chris ever find their way back to each other?

Find out how all ends in the climatic third book, Raven Ascending.



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