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The Labor Day Weekend is here! Perfect time to start a new series or finish one off with the final book in the series. 3 Days of paranormal romance can be yours?

Shifters or Witches? Demons or Angels? I’ve got your covered and in a variety of formats–Kindle, Nook or Kobo. Visit my All Books page to browse any if my series or click the covers below to go straight to their Amazon Series page. Enjoy your weekend!


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Raven Ascending-Now Live!

The final chapter in the Boys of Raven Cove series is live at a retailer near you! 🙂  I apologize for the delay… but I’m back on track and will bring you new gay paranormal adventures in the new year! In the mean time, enjoy Book 3 of my favorite male witches. Click on the cover to go straight to amazon or see below for Nook and All Romance. Kobo and Smashwords to come. Thank you for your support!





Under His Spell is now live!

Hello my sweeties,

Book 2 of the Boys of Raven Cove is finally out!


Under His Spell continues the story from that Old Black Magic six months later. From the synopsis:

Chris is gone and Julian picks up the pieces in the sequel to That Old Black Magic. The lovers have gone on separate journeys in this new tale of magic, men, secrets and seduction!

Julian heals the bond between he and his coven, making amends for his past mistakes, as the bond between him and Noah grows.
Chris is groomed by the enigmatic Sage, growing more powerful every day in the embrace of a dark new coven.

Yet, not all is what it seems as the boys of Julian’s coven question his feelings for Noah and what exactly happened on the beach during the final battle with Sage.
And Sage’s end game is finally revealed as he keeps the eager Chris full Under His Spell.

Available at Amazon. Coming soon to Barnes and Noble, Kobo, All Romance and Smashwords.

Get it now at Amazon.

The Magic System of Raven Cove.

Hello sweeties!

      I am nearly done with book 2 of The Boys of Raven Cove— Under His Spell.  Writing the final quarter of it now. In the meantime while we wait I thought it might be fun to talk about the magic system in the Raven Cove World.

      All witches in my world are born with the ability to harness and project the magical energy of their color— blue, purple, white, and this also gives them the power of telekinesis. Thus they can use that energy to manipulate and levitate objects and people. Also, each witch has one gift power that makes them special from each other, something passed down to them in their bloodline. So:
Geoff can Astral Project
Jonathan has ESP/Telepathy
Troy can manipulate weather
Julian can suck power from other witches and not only use their energy but their gift power too.

      Now, special among witches and the most powerful of them are the seventh sons and seventh daughters. They are born into powerful families that are very old generations with long lines of sevenths in them. These witches possess all of the gift powers… Some can use them all with ease, some have been known to self-destruct or destroy themselves because they can’t handle their power, and some were killed by their own families in days of old, for they were feared as evil and uncontrollable.  Their power is strong and can corrupt the user if they’re not careful. Great care must be take to groom and teach these witches when they are young or disaster awaits.
Chris and Sage are both Seventh Sons… And you can read more about all of that in Under His Spell, Book 2 of the Boys of Raven Cove–
Coming Soon!