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FREE Excerpt from SCORCHED: Book 3 of the Warring Hearts Trilogy:

Micah took Caleb’s hand as they finished their hike to the top of Porcupine Hill. Not that there were any porcupines in Blackstone. It was named after all of the thistle plants and thorny patches that covered most of the hill, save for the trails.

“I know a secret place,” Caleb whispered to Micah. “It leads to a clearing.”

“Hey, I thought you said you’d never hiked this hill before?”

“I haven’t. I’ve flown over it many times and spotted it. I don’t think anyone around here knows about it.”

“Well, then, let us be the first ones.”

Caleb led Micah off the trail, past a rock-encrusted ridge, and to a hidden trail blocked with a nest of thorns.

“Okay,” Micah said. “Now what?”

“Come here.” Caleb put out his arms and Micah stepped into them. Next thing Micah knew, Caleb was sweeping him off his feet.

Caleb’s black-feathered wings unfurled from his back and he soared straight up into the air. A moment later, he cleared the thorns and landed safely in the center of the clearing.

Micah smiled. His chest filled with warmth. He gave Caleb a kiss before collecting himself and sliding the pack off his shoulders. He fetched a blanket out of his pack and unrolled it on the ground. After a little more rummaging, Micah pulled some plastic containers out of his pack and set them down on the blanket. “Let’s eat!” He called to Caleb.

The two of sat down on the blanket and Micah picked some strawberries out of one of the containers. “Here, let me,” he said and eased one of the strawberries to Caleb’s lips.

“I have never tasted strawberries before,” Caleb said.

“Really? You’re kidding? In all of your trips to the Earth before, you never even tried one?”

“No, not a one.”

“That’s just a crime.” Micah moved the strawberry around Caleb’s lips, circling it before easing it inside of his mouth. He watched Caleb gently take it, savoring the flavor, practically suckling on it as the juice stained his lips red and ran down his chin.

Micah couldn’t stop staring at him. Caleb’s mouth was wet, and it glistened in the warm sunlight. He smiled shyly. It was so adorable. He leaned over and kissed Caleb, tasting the strawberry juice and running his tongue over Caleb’s lips, darting it in and out of his mouth. Caleb suddenly put his arms around Micah and the two of them tumbled onto the blanket, scattering the food.

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