Free Fiction

Check back here for free stories and sample chapters!

Here’s an excerpt from my latest short story- due out in November. Currently shopping around for a cover.

Take a peek at “The Sons of Loki” and look for it in November:


“It’s a miracle,” Sam said as they ascended.

“What?” Charlie asked.

“The three of us. We’re alive. We survived the storm, the boat sinking. It’s a miracle.”

“It’s a miracle that you’re still by my side.”

“You should stop putting yourself down. There’s nothing wrong with you.”

Charlie didn’t respond. No one had ever said that to him before. Not even his parents. The air changed again as they neared the top. It was sweet now, smoky too. It was like the scent of those clove cigarettes people were into at one time. He used to do them too, when he did the club scene. He thought he was so cool but when he found out they were worse for you then regular cigarettes, he got rid of them. He didn’t want to leave this life any quicker. There were too many cute guys out there to meet. Like the one he was leading up the hill.

The air suddenly grew more humid, nothing terrible but there was definitely moisture in the air. Charlie saw light flickering. Shadows moving. He reached the top of the hill and was halted by something he couldn’t believe.

A bonfire raged in the middle of a grove. In the firelight men frolicked, played, danced. Ten maybe fifteen men, it was hard to count in the shadowy light, danced around the fire, naked.

Charlie stood glued to the scene, watching it heighten. It wasn’t really dancing the men did, it was chasing, catching, fondling. Bodies writhed, mingled, intertwining with one another. They moved onto the ground, rolling in the grass and going down on one another.

Charlie’s jaw dropped. It was a gay man’s fantasy—an orgy but not just any orgy. It was like something out of a movie. Every gay man’s dream man was there. Men of all types sucked each other, jerked each other and kissed deeply, swimmer’s builds, twinks, masculine dominate men, passive men, muscle gods, waifs, blondes, brunettes, auburn locks, bald, tattooed, pierced.

The bodies became one, a mass of flesh clawing at each other, grunts and groans of ecstasy rising. Slurping, drinking, rubbing…


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