Read where it all started…

Hello my loves,

The Beast Within Series has been my most successful series to date and is still going strong!

My tale of Alec and Philip has resonated both positively and negatively with many readers. It’s a story of love, loss, trust, sacrifice and much more. This is a different type of werewolf story, it’s not all pretty boys and dreamy romance… there is darkness, violence, fighting for those you love, facing the villains head on and then acceptance and forgiveness.

If you haven’t tried out the series, give it a look. It’s a new take on werewolves strewn with suspense, lusty love scenes and many colorful characters. Read where it all started and download the trilogy today.

Features Man and the Beast for FREE, Lure of the Beast and the exciting conclusion Moon of the Beast. Click the image below to check it out on Amazon. More vendors below that.

Thank you for reading. It is much appreciated.



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