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Exciting news for anyone out there that hasn’t tried my Boys of Raven Cove Series.

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Jay Ellison’s New Shifter Book!

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My good friend Jay Ellison, of Courtesan Press, has just unleashed a new gay shifter book and I know you will all love it. Check out the synopsis and excerpt below then click the buy links at the end and get it now! You won’t be disappointed.



Title: Demon Wolf

Author: Jay Ellison

Series: The Wolves of Wall Street / The Dollhouse Society

Demon Wolf

Natural-born witch Cody Goodrich is homeless, job-less and desperate for money. Then he lands a dream job as a “manny” to Lucien Romanov’s four rambunctious children. The problem? The children are just a little bit strange–and out of control. They roughhouse, have enormous appetites, and sometimes even bay at the full moon. Mr. Romanov, the otherwise debonair billionaire stockbroker, isn’t much better. He’s rough, aloof…and deliciously seductive. It’s not fair to stick that much sexy in one package. Still, Cody has his own troubled past. He is determined to resist falling for his husky, wolfish boss and the draw of a loving family that’s eluded him up until now, but some spells–like love and lust–are too powerful for even a witch to resist.


I nodded and got up while breathing a huge sigh of relief. I guess Mr. Romanov hadn’t noticed me last night. That or he’d decided not to eat me. But as I was heading for the door, Mr. Romanov stopped me with his next words. “You liked that moment when I took him, bent him over the sofa, didn’t you?”

I stopped but didn’t turn around. I couldn’t bear to see the look in his eyes. I didn’t know if it was human…or not. His dark brown human eyes or the red eyes of the wolf?

He continued. “You wished that was you. It turned you on. It made you come, didn’t it?”

I swallowed hard against what felt like a lump of jagged rock in my throat. I thought my heart might beat right out of my chest. Cold sweat drenched me up and down.

“You’re right about everything, little witch.”

Oh god. Oh god.

“Everything except one thing…I don’t eat humans. I do enjoy fucking them, however.”

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Holiday Special! That Old Black Magic 99 cents!

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Please, accept this gift from me to you… for any new readers or anyone who hasn’t tried the Boys of Raven Cove yet… Book 1: That Old Black Magic is now 99 cents through the New Year!

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Raven Ascending- First Review is in!

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Raven Ascending -The Boys of Raven Cove book 3 has been reviewed by Bike Book Reviews. Check it for yourself.

Thank you Bec at Bike Book Reviews for a sweet review and for the kind words. I can’t wait to get started on my next series.

Happy Holidays everyone!