The Magic System of Raven Cove.

Hello sweeties!

      I am nearly done with book 2 of The Boys of Raven Cove— Under His Spell.  Writing the final quarter of it now. In the meantime while we wait I thought it might be fun to talk about the magic system in the Raven Cove World.

      All witches in my world are born with the ability to harness and project the magical energy of their color— blue, purple, white, and this also gives them the power of telekinesis. Thus they can use that energy to manipulate and levitate objects and people. Also, each witch has one gift power that makes them special from each other, something passed down to them in their bloodline. So:
Geoff can Astral Project
Jonathan has ESP/Telepathy
Troy can manipulate weather
Julian can suck power from other witches and not only use their energy but their gift power too.

      Now, special among witches and the most powerful of them are the seventh sons and seventh daughters. They are born into powerful families that are very old generations with long lines of sevenths in them. These witches possess all of the gift powers… Some can use them all with ease, some have been known to self-destruct or destroy themselves because they can’t handle their power, and some were killed by their own families in days of old, for they were feared as evil and uncontrollable.  Their power is strong and can corrupt the user if they’re not careful. Great care must be take to groom and teach these witches when they are young or disaster awaits.
Chris and Sage are both Seventh Sons… And you can read more about all of that in Under His Spell, Book 2 of the Boys of Raven Cove–
Coming Soon!



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