Introducing: Laura Lux! A New M/M Author

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the awesome decision on Marriage Equality! Love truly does Win! To celebrate I’m featuring a new author to the digital publishing world and of M/M fiction– Laura Lux! Laura loves epic fantasy and sword and sorcery, so she has decided to pen her own fantasy tales with a gay twist!

She hails from New England and lives with her hubby and 2 very demanding felines. Laura has published her very first works… Tribal Law and Flaxen Warrior: a double feature love story set in ancients times. It’s the age of swords and stones, of savage warriors and unquenchable desires… two bitter enemies suddenly discover each other in a new world.

Don’t miss out on these short tales of lust and adventure featuring courageous men and hard bodies…these are only the first of many tales…all serialization, to come!



Purchase her titles at your favorite retailer:

Tribal Law: Amazon, B&N, Kobo, All Romance

Flaxen Warrior: Tribal Law 2: Amazon, B&N, Kobo, All Romance


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Courtesan Press Does it Again with a Hot New M/M Release!

Hello my lovelies…

My friends at Courtesan Press have added a new vixen to their stable: Adalind Winters and she has a written a hot, new gothic, erotic mystery: The Little Death: Book 1 in the Erotic Mysteries of Dorian Gray. You won’t want to miss this all new  take on a classic…


Let me introduce you to the new title with a synopsis and a quick Excerpt!


Author: Adalind Winters

Series: The Erotic Mysteries of Dorian Gray

Oscar Wilde’s classic tale of lust and depravity was only a footnote in a much darker story…

Detective Dash Chandler of the NYPD is called out to the scene of a gruesome murder at a local BDSM club. The murders are strangely ritualistic…and familiar. So familiar, in fact, that they appear to mimic that of history’s most famous serial killer: Jack the Ripper. When further murders start turning up, Dash is convinced darker forces are at work. What’s more, the sly and seductive owner of the club, Mr. Dorian Gray, insists the murders are being committed by an immortal monster with an eye toward instigating the apocalypse. He knows because he is part of the same circle of cursed immortals. Mr. Gray is tall and beautiful, and he holds a kind of hypnotic charm over everyone he encounters. It isn’t long before Dash finds himself falling fast…but is he falling in love, or merely falling under Mr. Gray’s spell?

A brand new romantic gothic erotica series from Courtesan Press.


“This way,” Dorian said, unlocking the door.

Detective Chandler gave the room a dubious once over, but Dorian wasn’t insulted. He would have been disappointed in the detective if he hadn’t been more cautious. The walls of the room were wainscoted, and there were plush, forest green velvet furnishings and heavy drapery on the windows. Pictures dotted the walls, though none but one meant anything to him. Most had been picked up at auctions or gotten through trade. He had chosen mostly portraiture, the subjects languishing like white swans on divans or sitting like nymphs on swings in deep forests. There was even a triptych of nude forest maidens dancing with silken scarves around one of the old gods with his buck’s head and cloven feet.

“I promise I don’t bite…unless you ask very nicely,” Dorian said with his utmost charming smile.

“Do you always do that?” the detective asked, staring at the triptych with something that was either fascination or horror.

“What’s that, detective?”

“Flirt with every man you meet.”

“Only, I assure you, the more fuckable ones.”

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